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Keith Cantrell (he/him/his)
M.A., LPC -Associate, NCC
Supervised by Kimberley Mead, LPC-S


My path to joining the world of counseling has been a somewhat atypical tale. Before becoming a counselor, I worked in sales and marketing for almost 20 years. I intimately understand the grind of the corporate world and while I was successful in this career, I wanted to work directly with people in a different and more personally impactful way. I graduated from St. Edwards University with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During my master’s program, I worked in a non-profit community counseling setting for my practicum and internship courses. This environment allowed me the opportunity to work with individuals, families, and couples experiencing a wide variety of challenges.  


When not working with clients, I love all things science fiction, pop culture and comic book related. You will often find me buried behind my tablet reading something from one of these worlds with a cup of coffee or tea in my hand. I am a huge animal person and enjoy spending time with my dogs my cat, and the fish and corals in my saltwater tank at home.  

As a Licensed Professional Counselor - Associate (LPC-A) serving adults and teens throughout Texas. I help my clients discover new ways to live a life that is aligned with who they are and who they want to be. I believe that clients are the experts on themselves and their experiences, and I honor this reality in all our interactions. Being a partner on a client’s life journey nourishes my soul, and I am grateful and honored to be there with them as we work toward greater peace, fulfillment, and healing.

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